We always try to give maximum benefit to our customers, and Our Shipping policy is the most prominent example of it. All the orders placed on our website are first sent to our main office in California, USA. And from there, we distribute all these orders in the United States, with the help of our Affiliated companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL.

Our company also offers overnight delivery for our customers with the help of our courier partner FedEx, through which we ensure the delivery of your package on the very next day. 

We have collaborated with some of the best and most reputed courier companies like FedEx and USPS to ensure overnight shipping of your needed products. Our courier partners work even in adverse weather conditions to ensure you get your delivery on the very next day. We, with help of our delivery partners, offer all our services even on weekends. Therefore, you can order your medicine anytime from Monday to Saturday. We dispatch all the orders on the same date to deliver them within the next 24 hours without any further delay. However, depending on factors like location and situation, there might be some changes in the estimated delivery time.

The delivery time fixed by us is an approximate time that may change for some reason. For any particular reason, if you do not receive your package on time Inform us through the faculties we had provided so that we can take immediate action against it. By the way, such an incident happens rarely, and if something happens like this, we will give you a reshipment or refund of 100% order amount. You may connect with our company through email or live chat for other information.

Our Order Delivery:

Our courier partners do not work on holidays, as we already mentioned above. Our company may take 24 hours to 3 working days to deliver your order after the start of the process. We manage all the things related to your order while fixing the time of your delivery. You can claim a refund or reshipment in case of improper delivery.

Insured a Guaranteed Delivery:

We ensure a guaranteed delivery to make our customers happy. We provide quality medicines, so don’t worry while purchasing the medications from our website. The products that we ship are monitored by a medical professional as we deal with goods that are taken up for medicinal purposes. We sell all genuine products keeping in mind our customers ‘ goodwill.

Quick Response:

We always try to give you a fast response to your orders and complaints. You may log in to our website for some other inquiries. In case of an emergency, we try to give immediate answers to the queries of our customers. Our customer support team is available 24×7 for your help.